Personal Stress

Are you personally experiencing feelings of being out of control and want to do something about it?


  • Are you working longer and more ineffectively?
  • Have you lost motivation and focus?
  • Do you doubt your own judgement?

Stress can manifest itself in a variety of physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms, and we can experience all of these to varying degrees:

Physical symptoms include increased heart rate, insomnia, tiredness, change in breathing patterns, headaches, dizziness, indigestion or heartburn, and sudden weight loss or gain.

Psychological symptoms include anxious thoughts, irritability, low self esteem/lack of confidence, inability to concentrate, and feeling fearful and unable to cope. Stressed people also experience difficulty in making decisions, lose creativity or feel negative, with a lack of interest in life. They may feel alone, withdraw from family, friends and colleagues, and experience intense frustration and confusion.

Behavioural symptoms to look out for are altered sleep patterns, (ab)use of drugs or alcohol, changes in appetite, being argumentative, loss of sense of humour, avoiding certain situations, changing habits, nail biting, teeth grinding, neglect of physical appearance, a lack of concentration and working late.

Individual Stress Management Programmes

Each individual programme directly addresses debilitating symptoms of stress that keep us from feeling and being highly motivated, balanced individuals performing at our very best.

Using a powerful set of tools including hypnosis, NLP and visualisation you can:

  • Learn instant stress release techniques such as self hypnosis.
  • Reduce stress related symptoms – alcohol abuse, weight gain (with the powerful Virtual Gastric Banding technique), smoking (see Stop Smoking Easily in 1 Hour), loss of confidence, relationship issues and insomnia.
  • Address the root cause, not just the symptom, of any life issue and clear it out completely.
  • Create lasting transformation at the deepest level.
  • Take proactive charge of every area of your life.