Fear Of Public Speaking

Do you want to be free from your fear of public speaking?  Is your  fear holding you back professionally? How good would it be to feel comfortable and natural when talking in front of a group?  Nicola’s course of Motivational Hypnotherapy is ideal for your public speaking phobia. In just 4 sessions you will stop dreading the event, stop feeling sick, anxious, blushing, tongue tied, sweaty and frustrated with yourself.

As an experienced  public speaker Nicola has extensive experience of working with men and women who were scared stiff, of standing in front of any number of a group of people.

Whatever the occasion if you have to make a speech for your work, or a wedding speech or just fearful of standing out get help now and book your course of hypnotherapy sessions.

Start to enjoy and relax into:

  • Giving presentations & speeches
  • Meetings, pitches
  • Being in the spotlight

During the sessions you will learn how to control your fear. Plus tangible techniques, on  how to  effectively present, pace and compile interesting memorable content.


Read the case study here: Banish Fear Of Public Speaking

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