Stress Solutions

N icola offers you practical contemporary hypnosis stress relief.  Plus strategies and support to help you find simple solutions to manage and prevent your stress levels from getting out of control. Nicola is a registered member of the Stress Management Society and forms part of the core training team.

A significant factor of contemporary society is the increase of  excessive stress. Our lives have become faster, and our expectations greater. Advanced communications, technology and transport means we expect everything to be quicker and more efficient. As a result we can sometimes find it difficult to switch off at the end of the day, and to manage the pressure that we and others put on us in our personal and working lives.

Hypnotherapy for stress works to help relax you, manage expectations and to get your life back in control.


Personal Stress

Are you personally experiencing feelings of being out of control and want to do something about it?


Workplace Stress

One common cause of stress at work is an overriding feeling of being out of control.

The Resilience Package for CEO’s, Directors and Managers