How to Set Powerful Goals That Work

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Did you know that 75% of people fail with their goals by the end of February?  In this post I explain why this is and how you can become one of the 25% who succeeds by creating Powerful Goals that work.

In 2017 are you….

  • Aiming to get healthier?
  • Become more organized?
  • Live life to the full?
  • Learn a new hobby?
  • Spend less/save more?
  • Travel more frequently?

We are well into the New Year now. We’ve reached the end of a 9 year cycle and there’s a full moon coming up. Plus we are coming out of Mercury Retrograde.  All of the above factors are presented by experts as key times to set your intentions to help reinforce your new year’s resolutions.

And yes, I do observe the above, however the one method that works for me when setting intentions and creating goals at whatever time of the year is the following simple formula of setting Powerful Goals that work.  In order to set and achieve powerful goals there are three steps and they are:

Step One:  Write It Down

Write down everything you want to progress with in any area of your life, i.e. personal, business, relationships, financial, leisure, health, etc. I tend to do a mind map to get my creative juices flowing.

Next formulate a statement for each goal and intention.  Now your goal may be something like this:

“In 2017 I want to travel to the Caribbean and spend more quality time with my family”


“I want to increase my income by a further 50% in 2017”


 “I want to lose 3 stone and look fabulous at my daughter’s wedding”.

All great intentions but not good enough.  Nice ideas, not sustainable.

Why ?

To achieve success your subconscious mind has to buy in to the goal. It has to get excited in order to stick to it. Remember as human beings we are benefit orientated. If your subconscious mind, the seat of all your emotions and behaviours, starts to feel a chink of no confidence then your intention, new resolution or goal isn’t going to last. Your subconscious, from now on I’ll refer to it as your subby, may be thinking: “crickey that feels like a slog, how am I going to stick at that? I’ll try and give it my best shot and hope for a miracle. Here goes.”

What you ask for comes back to you …. so be specific, e.g. How much weight do you want to lose.  Be achievable – break it down in to bite sized pieces.

Fill in the detail, i.e. spell out the HOW e.g. “I am going to start an exercise plan that works for me. I am going to commit to a personal trainer once a week. I’m going to find a fitness buddy to work with and increase my stamina, energy and motivation.”

Understand the WHY e.g. “I am going to feel more confident and look healthier, as well as look and feel more attractive. I will prove to myself just how much determination I have. I deserve to look and feel slimmer and healthier and fitter.”

BE ACCOUNTABLE:  “I am doing this for myself and for my family so that I live for longer and don’t get sick.”

Step Two – Fill in the Detail and Sell it to your Subby

Sell it to your Subby.  Juice it up, go to town with power-up empowering language.  When I do this process for myself or with my clients I sell it to my subby and to the universe. I ramp up the energy so that my vibrational level is excited and it feels like it’s already happened/happening.  As a result I then start to behave as if it’s happening. Because I am feeling more re-assured, I feel confident, richer, successful, happier and more full of life.

The results are way more effective when the Power Up method is applied, giving you more clarity and encouragement to keep focused and to reap the rewards.

Your goal – with more power….

“As I drop the weight and feel fitter and healthier I am feeling so much more energetic as I run around the park with my children/grandchildren. At the end of each day each week each month I am enjoying  feeling  really pleased and proud of myself now that I am keeping up with achieving my goal of reaching 10.5. As I feel my clothes feeling looser and looser I get such pleasure … a thrill, knowing that I am on track dropping my dress size from a size 16 to a size 14.  I’m loving wearing my designer jeans that are emphasising my new curves and the warm feeling I get on receiving compliments when I wear my aqua green silky shirt. It all feels so worthwhile, I am on track and I congratulate myself. Eating less and exercising regularly 4 times a week is feeling easier and easier.”

Think BIG, think BRAVE, think COURAGE. I love to push myself to go beyond my limiting thinking. When I do this it works every time.  This method eradicates fear, lack, doubt and feelings of not being good enough.

Step Three:  Reinforcement

Record your goals on to your phone and listen to them regularly. It keeps you fired up, motivated and on track.

Revisit your goal/s frequently and tweak them, adding more colour and detail to keep them exciting and fresh. You can have lots of fun with this powerful intention-setting technique covering every aspect of your life.

Mentally rehearse – see yourself achieving your goals, explore visualise what it feels like, what your wearing, how fit and healthy etc., you are feeling.

If your existing strategies for achieving your goals and desires haven’t been working or you would like a boost for the new year ahead, I’ve got a wonderful gift to help you do just that! 

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