Nicola’s Top Seven Tips to Become More Successful

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Are you concerned at being left behind? Goals and aspirations are all very well, however if you are still feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and discontented it just means the same old patterns are repeating themselves.

I know that feeling from old, and it’s not comfortable. After a while, the self-reinforcing cycle of negativity and sabotage becomes boring with a capital B.  From my observations and experience of working with frustrated and confused clients, I have identified the following seven top tips which, collectively, will help you to focus, gain inner peace and fulfilment and have the confidence in yourself to achieve the success you deserve.

When we feel overwhelmed, stressed and out of control we revert to our old learnt childhood responses and behaviour by jumping in automatically and allowing ourselves to feel that we’re not good enough and lacking in confidence. In effect we give our power away to other people.  The following top tips are taken from my book and my new online programme Seven Steps to Success Through Word Power.

1. Speak Your Truth.  Learn to express yourself clearly and with clarity, to say what you really mean without fear of being rude or hurtful. Learn to say No without feeling guilty.  Enjoy the feeling of being heard and taken seriously.

2. Live Your Authentic Self.  Make a commitment to be you, rather than who you think people want you to be. So many of the clients I work with have lived the majority of their lives pleasing others at the expense of their own personal happiness, for fear of being rejected by friends and family. It is liberating to finally discover the real you.

3. Stand in Your Power.  A liberating position where you’re not having to make excuses or come from a place of feeling weak or a victim. Standing in your power means liking and respecting yourself. Can you stand in front of the mirror and honestly say out loud I love, like and respect myself? How comfortable do you feel?

4. Achieve Success. Set yourself goals, targets and aspirations that are bigger than you ever thought possible. Bring the right people into your life who can help you achieve and guide you in the right direction to achieve your success.

5. Feel Self-Assured. Start to believe in yourself, build a loving and respectful relationship with yourself. Learn to forgive yourself. When you do, you begin to notice how quickly your confidence and self belief soars.

6. Build Trust and Rapport. Begin to be aware of your relationships with people. What language do you use? Are you a walking apology using words and phrases that give the impression that you don’t trust or believe in yourself? Or do you use powerful words that instil confidence and trust? Notice the language of people you admire.

7. Improve Your Leadership and Credibility. Invest in yourself. Learn new skills, immerse yourself with inspirational books and keep abreast with training. Learn how to keep your energy powered up by using dynamic language. Inspire your customers, teams and relationships by leading by example, coming from a place of authenticity, trust and respect.

To anyone who wants more confidence, success and energy!

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