Need Help to Redesign Your Thinking?

Greetings from Sydney- Australia,

I set myself a goal dreamed BIG and here I am. Read on and find out how you too can realise your dreams just by redesigning your thinking.

Do you dream, wish and fantasise about being and doing something different?

Do you sometimes long for change, or come up with a great idea, that’s going to potentially make a genuine difference in your life? Have you noticed what happens next?

Do you have that loop going on inside your head – thoughts like: if only, I can’t, I’d love to be able to do that but not sure how, ah no that’s never going to happen.

Doubt kicks in, our confidence slips, motivation goes into reverse and we are still in the same place feeling frustrated and downhearted.

Back in September 2016 I set myself a Big goal. The challenge was to be able to work with more people, not just in my local area, to reach a wider audience anywhere in the world.

Now I have been flirting with this idea for some time, in truth a little stuck as to how I am going to make it happen.

The tipping point was when my eldest daughter relocated to Australia to work in Sydney indefinitely. It took that push to finally get me planning and setting goals to create a new way to work. I became excited…very excited.

Key factors to redesigning your thinking and achieving your vision.

As human beings we are benefit-oriented. If there isn’t a benefit in it then our dream our goal just becomes a nice idea. It takes drive, imagination and vision to ensure our goal becomes a reality.

Seduce your subconscious mind- Metaphor and imagery are the language of our subconscious mind. Once we fire up, and motivate our subconscious too make change, that is when we create the change we desire. It reinforces a feeling of safety and security within us.

The universe thrives on energy. You know that amazing feeling when everything falls into place, synergy happens. The right people at the perfect time with the best skills arrive and opportunities present themselves. In the main this occurs when we are clear on what we want.

The latest studies in neuroscience prove that by stimulating your imagination , the subconscious part of your brain, it literally creates a blue print of your intention.

Avoid sabotage. Stay away from limiting power-sap words and phrases that literally reinforce failure.

To ensure my big goal can be realised I wrote myself a juicy and enticing hypnotic suggestion. I visualised, and described the reality of the goal. It’s a form of mental rehearsal. It worked and here I am in Sydney.

In exactly the same way as sportsmen and women, entrepreneurs and successful leaders do – they train their brain and redesign their thinking to create their own success.

Whatever you are up to look after yourself and dream big.

Best wishes


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