How Being Grateful Transforms Your “Poor Me” Mindset

How does losing my mobile and locking keys in the car in the same day reinforce the benefits of having a positive mindset?

One of my friends commented ‘Well, you are either completely stupid or incredibly unlucky.’   It made me smile because it says more about her beliefs: I consider myself neither unlucky nor stupid.

Here’s what happened:

Peanut, the cockapoo, and I went on a lovely, long, scrunchy autumnal walk. We were exhausted by the time we got back to the car and I was shocked to find that somewhere along the way I’d dropped my mobile through the hole in my jacket! So off we went to retrace our steps and look for it. Thankfully a very nice man had put it on a gatepost for us. Phew!  We made our way back to the car … but whilst I was drying Peanut’s feet the car self-locked with my keys inside, as well as my mobile phone!  Despite being in a remote location we managed to flag down a car almost immediately and hitched a lift with a delightful couple with delicious Irish accents, so that I could get the spare set of keys from home. My neighbour who lives opposite then drove me back to the car. The moral to the tale is you really can rely on someone to help you out of a sticky situation. Thank you chaps 🙂

Now there are several points here I want to expand upon:

Firstly, as I was walking in the woods, I was overcome with a horrible sense of doom. What would happen, I pondered, if I were to lose my keys? What would I do stuck miles away from home? With no one to help me gain access to my house to get the spare set? Frustrated and puzzled as to why I was spending time worrying about something that hadn’t happened, I let the thought go.

So in some sense it wasn’t a huge surprise when I discovered I had dropped my mobile phone. On our way back round again in an attempt to find it, I remember thinking how annoying it’s going to be to have to replace the phone, get a new sim card, etc. Then I stopped my thoughts once again and reminded myself that I was predicting an unwelcome outcome. Instead I turned my thinking around to visualising finding the phone and imagining how pleased and happy I was going to feel once I found it. Which is exactly what did happen.

Can you imagine my disbelief at what happened next? When I placed the phone, along with the car keys inside the car, the door accidentally closed and I heard it locking automatically. I was speechless.

Instead of panicking, I chose to see the entire episode as a sign. A significant reminder to be careful of what you think, and what you place your attention on lest it come true. Ironically this was Remembrance Sunday.  More than anything, I was so overcome with gratitude for the experience. I was so bowled over by the gorgeous Irish couple who gave me a lift home. We chatted about all sorts of things and they really made my day.  I was and am eternally grateful to the person who found my mobile and put it on a post, and for the opportunity to get to know my neighbour. We spent a happy ten minutes sharing all sorts of neighbourly information getting to know one another.

I have learnt from experience that coming from a ‘poor me’ attitude with a barrage of self hatred and reprimand simply doesn’t work well. What benefit is there to have chosen the following mindset?

 ‘Poor me! I had to walk all that extra way. I’m so unlucky. That’s just my luck. How stupid I am to lose my phone, I should have known better.’

All of those words are power sap words and keep our subconscious mind, the seat of our emotional well being, feeling hopeless, useless and without power. Power sap words release not only the stress hormone cortisol but they also reinforce a victim mentality.

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The Value of Gratitude to Keep You Powered Up

Expressing gratitude powers up our subconscious mind.  How empowering then, to come from a place of gratitude.

  • I am grateful that I can ask for help.
  • I am grateful I am surrounded by good will.
  • I am grateful that I had a spare set of keys.
  • I am grateful that I am not alone.

Gratitude as a daily regular practice raises our energy levels. It keeps us from feeling isolated, coming from a place of lack and powerlessness. Expressing our gratitude for the big and the small stuff in our lives releases serotonin, the feel good chemical. Serotonin keeps us feeling motivated, happier, more confident and helps control anxiety and low mood.

It is proven that expressing gratitude on a regular basis is a quick and powerful way to change our energetic vibration frequency. So if you feel 2016 hasn’t been the best year for you, change your perspective and review by writing down all the things and events that you are grateful for.

Gratitude is just one element that reinforces our confidence. And I’ve got a wonderful gift to help you do just that!

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  1. Binks

    Nicola, thank you for sharing your story, it’s a brilliant example of how we’re surrounded by beauty, kindness and good will, when we choose to see it. I find that it’s not easy to overcome my automatic conditioned reflex to project unpleasant outcomes onto a difficult situation, but with practice it’s coming more easily. In fact, one of my spiritual teachers says to express gratitude for every difficulty that comes our way, because those very challenges are opportunities to come back to our true selves, which are expressions of love. Lots of love to you~

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