Nicola applies Hypnotherapy and other techniques to help you deal with the psychological and emotional issues that arise in relationships, resolving outstanding long term resentments and problems.

Good relationships are fundamental to our well being.

When we have beneficial relationships, whether it be family, partners, business colleagues and friends, we feel happier, more confident and more at ease in our lives. When our relationships are not going well we can feel miserable, lack confidence and feel insecure. This can affect every aspect of our lives, holding us back both professionally and personally.

I found my way back into a loving relationship with my partner after years of anxiety and depression.

In fact it is proven that healthy relationships are fundamental to our well being we live longer.

One of Nicola’s specialisms is to help people unwrap what it is that is preventing you from enjoying fulfilling relationships.

• Resolve past or present bullying issues
• To let go, forgive and “move on” from past personal relationships after separation and divorce
• Greatly enhance and improve existing relationships, with teenagers, spouses and colleagues
• Surviving Infidelity
• Fear of Abandonment
• Death Of A Partner
• Sibling Rivalry
• Sexual Dysfunction
• Increase Libido – Female
• Increase Libido – Male

<Disclaimer: Results may vary

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