One to One Consultations

Nicola works with her private clients in the beautiful Cotswolds Town in Chipping Norton, West Oxfordshire.

Her therapeutic approach is to treat your deep seated cause of pain and dis-ease. Working at a deep emotional and physical level rather than just fixing a problem. When you work with Nicola you will discover more about yourself. This learning is guaranteed to help transform your life on many levels.

Nicola guides you to come from a place of compassion, non judgement and a deep self-awareness. Only then can rapid permanent beneficial changes take place, using a variety of different techniques such as hypnosis, NLP, visualisation.  Quickly altering your perception about yourself you remove life -long fears, anxiety, pain and emotional blocks.


Help with current relationships and to assist you to resolve outstanding long term resentments and problems.


Lose Weight

Are you struggling to loose weight?  Have you tried every diet and yet you’re still not at your ideal weight? Imagine if you could have all the benefits of a Gastric Band, without the surgery, risks and cost?


Stop Smoking

What if within one single session you could walk out, forever free from cigarettes, knowing you’re finally treating your body with the respect it deserves?


The Package

You are normally recommended to commit initially to a package of four sessions, delivered over the space of 6-8 weeks.

Session One:

An in-depth discussion of where you are now, what you are struggling with and what you want to achieve. An opportunity to off- load. Towards the end of the session you have the opportunity to experience gentle hypnosis.


Session Two:

During this session, approximately one week  –  after session one, Nicola records a ‘suggestion’ for you, a personalised hypnosis session which talks to your subconscious and at this deep level tackles the issues that you have discussed in the first session. You will have the ‘suggestion’  to take away and listen to daily.


Sessions Three and Four:

During the final two sessions, you will deal in more depth with any issues that have arisen, as well as celebrating things that are going well. You will continue to experience hypnosis as well as other relevant techniques to power up your life.


You can make use of unlimited email and telephone support throughout the series of face-to-face sessions. 

Disclaimer: Results may vary.