7 good habits to achieve a healthier you

Which habits do you have that get in the way and hold you back?

I ask this because recently I spent an entire Sunday (a very wet one) filing. It must have been a good years worth of paper. The achievement at the end of the day was terrific It had become a habit to postpone the filing, to leave it until another day. By ignoring the paper work my office felt cluttered and not an inviting place to spend time in. I am feeling excited to keep on top and develop the practice of filing on a weekly basis.

A habit generally takes the form of a pattern establishing. For example take Jen who came to me to lose the excess kilos she had somehow put on over several months. After her rather stressful day at work she thought I’ll just have one glass of wine from that bottle left over at the weekend. Coming home in the cold and the dark The second day, and the third day she continued the same practice and then a pattern began to establish. Once the bottle of wine has been emptied, she associated in her subconscious mind what a nice idea, a pat on the head at the end of the day. She bought another bottle of wine and a habit started to became established. Giving up the gym and cosying up instead in front of the TV with her bottle of vino.

Does this start to feel a familiar pattern?

Our subconscious plays a major role in developing a good or destructive habit. The subconscious begins to talk you into buying another bottle and so the pattern begins to establish itself.

You start to get cross with yourself because it’s stopping you from getting on with other things and you begin to notice you are putting on weight. Feeling less inclined to exercise.

How long does a habit take to form?

Opinion differs from 21 days up to 3 months.

During the winter months, it’s especially easy to with dark evenings and sub-zero temperatures to develop unwanted habits which can affect our mood, health and energy.

Follow these simple steps to boost your vitality and feel better.

7 good habits to achieve a healthier you

1. Improve your mindset and motivation. First thing every morning set the alarm that bit earlier and listen to an inspirational download, to help reprogram your mind to stay focused and positive. You will find your feel good levels of the seratonin hormone soar.

2. Create a default diary-and stay in control ie Friday pm is a filing time. Monday pm is accounts.

3. Keep physically fired up and plan to go for a run, a walk,the gym two to three times a week and stick to it. An easy gentle way to get back in to shape.

4. Park the car 5 minutes further away from your usual place. Increase the time each week so you walk more and sit for less. Or get off the tube one stop earlier.

5. Prioritise time and build in a date night with your partner. Improve intimate communication with your mate. Create the rule that date is unmovable.

6. Swap that bar of sugary chocolate for one square of high content cocoa. Let it literally melt in the mouth and savour the senses and the sensations.

7. Open a savings account and create the habit of saving to avoid stress and worry at the end of the finial year. Save and plan for holidays. Reinforce your saving habit by reading travel magazines and cut out the pictures of your ideal destinations.


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