5 Habits to Drop so you can Stop Being in your Own Way  

  • 5 bad habits to drop

Feeling stuck and wanting to push through to the next level in 2017?  Whether it is in your work life or your personal life, if you need a head start to help you achieve your success next year, here are 5 habits that you can drop now so that you get out of your own way and start on that road to success.

1.  Stop using disempowering “Power Cut” and “Power Sap” words that keep you in a stuck demotivated mindset, e.g.try, could, would, should, stupid, sorry, might, afraid, poor.   Instead, use Power Up words like “will”, “can”, “do” and “am”.

2.  Curb your impatience. Replace it with patience towards yourself and towards others. Coming from a place of tolerance releases feel-good feelings, a sense of calm and importantly, increased insight and a new perspective on a situation or a person.

3.  See your perceived failure as a terrific learning experience. The more we fail, the deeper and more significant our learning. Ask yourself what is it that I am still choosing not to learn? Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes?

4.  Consistency equals success. Stay on course, review, and when something works – rinse and repeat.

5.  Get rid of your recurring self-sabotage and instead embrace compassion and forgiveness towards yourself.

If your existing strategies for achieving your goals and desires haven’t been working or you would like a boost for the new year ahead, I’ve got a wonderful gift to help you do just that!


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